About The TOC-Lean Institute

TOC-Lean Institute

The TOC-Lean Institute was founded to help businesses gain knowledge and grasp the benefits that the fusion of Theory of Constraints and Lean techniques can bring to both manufacturing and service industries.

For many companies the implementation of “Lean” has become a critical aspect of their operation – yet many companies also report that their Lean initiatives have not led to the expected bottom-line improvements! At the same time it is also accepted that the range of tools and techniques contained within the Lean toolbox is powerful when used in the correct manner.

Using the focusing power of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) can sort out the toolbox – with dramatic results. TOC techniques are able to identify the priority areas and concentrate improvements where they will have the most impact on the overall performance of the company. TOC methodology works perfectly well with Lean, helping to identify the right tool for the job and guiding people through the application in order to achieve better global performance. TOC-Lean thus provides a high degree of focus which is both in tune with reality and achievable on a practical level.

We offer a range of proven solutions and highly effective courses addressing issues of strategic development, leadership development, Continuous Process Improvement and flow management. We provide a combination of education and training at all levels, both in-company and at our training centre in Melton Mowbray. Most courses use presentations, computer simulations, video case studies, practical workshops and debate, which ensure the proper transfer of knowledge within the organisation and the ability to use that knowledge to improve bottom-line performance, implement solutions and achieve both growth and stability.

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